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Pay Per Click (PPC) optimization is important because it saves you money. Monthly budgets are often unwittingly wasted with non-targeted traffic or expensive clicks.

If you’re looking for effective PPC management without wasting your monthly budget, here’s how I can help.

  • - I optimize smaller sets of keywords together so that your ads are hyper-targeted with your set of keywords.
  • - I stay away from broad keywords and focus solely on exact and phrase keywords where applicable, so your traffic converts without budget waste.

To make your ads more effective, I mix in retargeting ads with your PPC campaign, which brings back traffic to your website for pennies compared to the cost of your click. Learn more about what retargeting does here.

The key to PPC is split testing ads to always make sure we’re improving Click-through rate (CTR). I continuously split test your ads four times per month to keep your CTR rate as high as possible, which also lowers your click costs.

Your ads will be focused on the following PPC services:

Although you can start with whatever budget makes you comfortable, I always suggest budgeting at least $500.00 per month ad spend. This way you can effectively split test your campaign – you’ll know what works best pretty quickly.

If you’re looking for Facebook Ad promotion, I do that as well!

Place your PPC advertising in my hands and the dollars you save will cover my fees. I don’t like to brag, but I’ve been told my rates are lower than any other company in Roanoke – I only charge a small fee based on your ad spend.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you save money and run effective PPC ads.

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